Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thoughts of a former juror

Today the finalists for the 6th annual Logan Awards (for excellence in comedy music) were announced which will be presented Mar 5th at Marscon.

Outstanding Original Comedy Song:
Carla Ulbrich - “Joe’s Ex-Girlfriends”
Insane Ian - “Benedict Cumberbatch”
Katie Goodman - “You’re A Feminist”
Schaffer the Darklord - “Sex Rhymes”
Steve Goodie - “I Dropped My Phone in the Toilet”

Unlike most years, there were not many original songs I really liked and one of them, Unexpecting the Unexpected, is about a subject I can understand people not finding funny.

To me Carla's and Steve's songs are OK and I did not care for Katie's. I gave the STD song another listen and would have voted for it though it did not appear on my end of year list.

Insane Ian deserved having the #1 song of the year on the Dr. Demento show and I hope he wins.

Outstanding Parody Song:
Carla Ulbrich - “Cheek to Cheek”
Carla Ulbrich - “Dr Pepper”
Devo Spice - “Put It Away”
Dino-Mike featuring Bonecage - “Urban Dictionary”
Glove and Boots - “Shaolin Monk”

When I first heard Twilight Zone by Golden Earring, I was disappointed it was not about the TV show and was ecstatic Luke Ski did that parody. I can see jurors not sharing that enthusiasm.

Cheek to Cheek is a fine song but I know others about that subject I find better. I clicked on the link to the video to the Glove and Boots song and like I did when I was a juror, heard it without watching the video and don't care for it at all.

The other three are pretty equal to me and all worthy but I hope the Dino-Mike song wins since I nominated it.

Outstanding Comedy Music Video:
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (feat. Pete Gardner) - “I Love My Daughter (But Not In A Creepy Way)”
Insane Ian - “Benedict Cumberbatch”
Rhett and Link - “Just Being Honest”
The Nerdist feat. Whitney Avalon  - “Comic Con The Musical"
They Might Be Giants - “All The Lazy Boyfriends”

Though I find most subjects ok for a song topic, the first song is about a subject I personally can't find funny.

For me a video needs to add to a song for me to consider it worthy of the award and though Ian's video is done as well as can be expected, it does not add that much to a great song.

The Rhett and Link and TMBG ones are OK but neither produced the wow I want to get from a winning video.

The Nerdist video (featuring Whitney Avalon) was the only one I would have voted without seeing nominations and I hope it wins.

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