Sunday, February 7, 2016

Pandemic Legacy part 8

Quarantine specialist Ahmed Kliner's blog:

Three staff members approached Commander Jacob Potter wondering why they have not seen in field action. He told them to bide their time but Dispatcher Peggy O'Reily, Generalist Charles Emerson Winchester V (Cev), and Operations Expert Billy Bob Rizzo walked away unhappy.

Then we got a report that Dr. Martha McIntyre who was close to finding a cure for the faded figures - a disease she named El Guapo, disappeared and that our group needed to find her so Billy Bob was called into action while our scientist, Dr. Houlihan, stayed behind.

After the operations expert set up a station in Miami, we quickly located Dr. McIntyre as an epidemic happened quickly in Bancock followed by multiple outbreaks in Asia and the Pacific rim.

Our medic, Dr. Erin Hunnicutt headed that way to treat as I quarantined as much as I can and we got things there under control but soon things in South America and Africa went real bad real fast. By the time UNIT was able to shut down everything in the world, Buenos Aires and Khartorum were collapsing and Johannesburg had fallen.

We got more equipment while making a military base in Manila permanent.

July 16

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