Thursday, January 22, 2015

T - 6 weeks

I as do every year, here is my assessment of the Marscon 2015 musical performers hopefully in cronological order:

Carrie Dahlby - B+: My first thought was why two years in a row then I realized she had the second most requested parody of 2014 on the Doctor Demento Show. After hearing Almost Parent Time I was thinking I could always replace the Earl part but her husband does a great job at it since her music ability and knowledge has made him better and Earl should be there anyway.

Devo Spice - A: Though his newest tracks on the album were not as impressive as must of what he has done the past couple years, the recent work still warrants the grade.

the great Luke Ski A: Three years ago, I was suggesting having Luke not perform a main stage Marscon show as the work he did before and during the weekend took away from his show. Since then he has won two Logan Awards and has been #1 for the year on Dr Demento twice while upgrading his live show.

Mikey Mason - A: One of the newest FuMP core members whose live show takes his music up another level.

Worm Quartet - A: More than anyone he can perform songs that are 10 years old and still kick ass with it while integrating new material.

Power Salad - B+: Marscon is always better when he is there whether performing his music or joining others with an instrument or with his professional voice.

Tony Goldmark - B: Back at Marscon for the first time in 10 years. Though things between him and those he made upset in 2005 have been resolved, it will still feel a little weird.

Sponge Awareness Foundation B-: I have not seen the group perform in many years and to be honest until last year's Marscon, I was only familiar with only one of their songs. They are generally an unknown though The Flopcast, done by member Kevin Eldridge with Kornflake, is my favorite one to listen.

TV's Kyle B: I am glad he will be making the trip to Marscon to perform and hopefully he will have info about the cartoon show which he created.

Rob Paravonian B: Like with SAF, I am not that familiar with the guest of honor's music other than one specific song though looking at his music profile discovered others.

Feng Shui Ninjas B-: Their music is different than the rest of the con and though fine, my enthusiasm is not the same for as the others there.

FuMP Jukebox: B: With the fan showcase being moved to the Jukebox, it will provide others a chance to perform on the main stage.

Smackdown B: Though sad to see the weekend end, this is always a nice way to go out.

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