Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"Title defense" and national championships

No this is not about the NHL where a deflected shot in overtime as I predicted ended the Blackhawks' attempt to repeat. This is about disc golf, my disc golf, that is.

Like I suggested in my post tournament questionnaire, the tournament I won my division in Palatine last July is being held in less than two weeks. Here is a pic of me making a shot on #9 last year:

I did go on the course last Sunday and the weeds are much more manageable even cut in some places where they weren't last year. I also took half the dose of medication which caused my heart to pound in my chest and it relieved the pain without any symptoms.

I believe that recent events in my life are guiding me to dedicate more time, energy and funds to disc golf since I am not sure how many more productive years my body has left in it. The fact that my casting computer has died and my final show will be broadcast later this month is a sign to do other things along with the fact that as far as comedy music is concerned, I have accomplished all I could expect. I have appeared in numerous songs that played on the Dr. Demento show joining wonderful, talented, awesome musicians whom I consider as friends on stage during performances, met and replaced the pic of Weird Al the broken camera failed to take and by being chosen as a juror for the Logan Awards was given the highest honor one without musical talent could ever imagine. FuMPFeST will be a fitting finale for me especially watching my daughter perform something she wrote.

Since I turn 50 next year and the year of birth is the guideline, I will be the youngest one in the 50+ division as opposed to one of the oldest in my current one. The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) holds a national championship every year and it is time for the madman to appear on the playing field for one last go around while he still can.

I went to the PDGA site and looked and found out something I did not know. The PDGA national championship is an event which people have to qualify the previous year and get an invite to participate. For the Grandmaster (50+) division, I need 75 points from events in 2014. The type and size of the event determines points. The small one I won last year was worth 8 points. Therefore I would probably need to play anywhere from 4-6 events to get what I need even playing in a non 40+ division with more players.

I also looked at my rating based on the limited tournament play I have done the past 5 years. Compared to the other 26 people from Illinois in my age bracket, only three are worse. In the 50+ bracket, I would rank 20 out of 25. Obviously I need to get better.

Also realize that to have a chance, I need to weigh less and that could help with my play.

It will not be cheap and I have to figure out how much in entry fees, lessons, and possibly a Weight Watchers and fitness center membership would be needed to get myself to the point where I can give myself the best chance to qualify. I might even attempt to crowd fund this.

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