Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Comic con? No thanks.

This time of year just like in August I am asked two questions back to back multiple times. Are you going (or Did you go) to Comic Con? Why not? Since it has been a while since I posted a chart, this is as good as time as any:

This chart represents what I have done at various sci-fi cons from '09-'13 that do not involve things like working at a table, eating, hanging out, and most of the parties with the Marscon 2011 party bus filled with live music the exception.

What each one means:
Music: I decided to include comedy and filk since both of those events involve sitting in a room watching music performed.
Gaming: Either a planned event like I attend at Gencon or a pickup game.
Dealer's room: Where things from clothing, jewelry, games, figures, comic books, and toys are sold.
Costuming: Though many are dressed in costume, there are events specifically for people to display their costume and often perform in it.
Ceremony: Most conventions have an opening ceremony where the con chair and the staff address the convention as a whole. Some cons have a closing ceremony
Media: An event involving a person (or people) most of whom appear in movies or on tv.
Panel: A room where people on a panel discuss preselected topics of interest to those in attendence.
Science: Some conventions have an area devoted to science or technology where a person can learn about those fields.
Food: Some cons have events based on a specific food like chocolate.
Art: Many cons have an art show where people can bid on or purchase pictures, photographs, drawings, or sculptures.
Misc: Some events at a con don't fit into any other category like water aerobics, the propatorium, or massages.
Author: Where a person who has penned a work of literature either discusses it or reads from it.

So what does that have to do with Chicago Comic Con which I know as C2E2 in April and Wizard World in August? Both of those events do not have music or gaming. That is what they are. They feature a large room where many dealers have things to sell as well as plenty of places to wait in line to get an autograph from someone or to see a panel where people talk about their past or current show/movie. The times I have gone was spent walking around the dealers room looking at things as well as waiting in line for an autograph.

The party scene at Comic cons (as well as at Dragon*con) is different also. One either has to hold one, be someone, or be an attractive woman to go and I don't fit in any of those categories so there is really nothing there that is worth my time let alone the high cost.

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