Sunday, March 16, 2014

The bottom of the barrel

As I stated in previous entries, I was able to perform Track 24 at the fan showcase and it went almost as well as it could. Three different music artists who saw it stated I am not as bad as I believe I was. Carrie Dahlby (the person who created the Luke Ski tribute CD and then asked me to make a bonus track in it) was among the three people who were recording video and here it is:

What made this performance unique was that I was the only fan who performed this year. The other people who performed that morning were artists.

At the beginning, I had the host read my "permission slip" signed by Dr. Demento proclaiming that I have earned the right to perform in EVERY future fan showcase.

Then I stated I would dedicate this to the person who was running the karaoke room 10 years ago still open from the night before when I did One More Minute  after waking in the morning waking up many people some who were not on the same floor. That person died last year and later that night, there was a tribute karaoke concert for him.

As many sat in the hot tub Sunday evening after the convention was over, people were discussing the lack in interest in the fan showcase and since a main stage event provides the same venue for the artists who don't have an individual concert as the fan showcase, it has become redundant and will probably be discontinued.

If that turns out to be the case I can state I was the last fan to perform in the fan showcase.

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