Thursday, January 30, 2014

Prop time, 2014

As I have done the last couple of years, I am listing the prop bets I would make on this upcoming Super Bowl between Seattle and Denver. Prop bets consist on things other than the final score of the game ranging from individual and team performances in the game to things that happen during the broadcast to non sport things like pregame and halftime agendas.

In these bets I would wager $100 to win the number after the plus sign so if it was +300 I would collect $400 being the $300 from the bet plus the original $100

Sea scores exactly 3TD +275 (X 5)
Sea scores exactly 2FG +220 (win) $320
Sea leads at half by 7-9 points +800 (X 22)
Both teams combine for 5TD in the game +400 (X 6)
First misc TD is an interception return +400 (win) $500
First score of game is Den FG +350 (X Sea safety)
Last score of game is Sea rush TD +500 (X Sea pass)
Both teams combine for 3FG in game +275 (X 2)
Sea def or special teams will score a TD +225 (win) $325
Any def or special teams will score a TD +155 (win) $255
After first quarter Sea leads by 1-6 points +450 (X Sea up by 8)
Sea -7 1/2 +350 (win) $450
Sea -3 1/2 +180 (win) $280
margin of victory exactly 10 points +700 (X 35)
Den scores exactly 1FG +200 (X 0)
Den scores exactly 2TD +250 (X 0)
Sea wins by 7-12 points +500 (X 35)
Lynch scores first TD of game +550 (win) $650
Lynch MVP +375 (X Malcolm Smith -field-)
Manning 2 total interceptions +350 (win) $450
Manning 2 total TD passes +200 (X 1)
Lynch scores first Sea TD +180 (win) $280
Welker scores first Den TD +450 (X D. Thomas)
Lynch scores TD in first half +135 (win) $235
Earl Thomas has interception +250 (X)
Washington Capitals hockey player Alex Ovechkin has more points than Sea sacks +120 (push - 1 each) $100
Manning has a pass intercepted for a TD +400 (win) $500
Wilson 0 TD passes +275 (X 2)
Welker scores a TD +105 (X)
Welker 7 or 8 receptions in game +250 (win) $350
Sea first score is rushing TD +200 (X safety)
Total points 41-50 +250 (X 51)

These I would wager $220 to collect $420
Sea +2 (win) $420
Total points in game under 47.5 (X)

This I would wager $200

Seattle wins +115 (win) $430

Total amount wagered would be $3,840. 
Total collected $5,545
Profit $1,705

Note: On all winning bets, I collect the amount bet along with the payoff. For example, the $100 bet on Seattle having exactly 2 field goals is returned with the $220.

Unlike last year, I could not find a wager to state Sea would score 27 or Den 17 and I was going to wager on what will be the first song Bruno Mars would perform but the song my daughter said without seeing the possible choices was not among them.

It is better I don't involve the halftime show since I will be playing Rock Band during it like I have done the previous 4 years.

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