Friday, January 18, 2013

Baby got back

Most people associate the title with the Sir Mix-A-Lot song but I don't. Though I heard the original first, I know the soulful, love ballad version created by Jonathan Coulton in 2006. Here is a video of him performing it live with Paul and Storm in 2007:

Within the last 10 hours, it was discovered that on next week's episode of Glee, the high school chorus sings Baby Got Back using Coulton's complete soundtrack and slightly changed lyrics. People who know more about music than I do confirmed it and there is even a version where both Coulton's and Glee's version are played at the same time. Though it was released under a creative commons license and that anyone can download it for free, credit and permission must be granted for commercial use and it was never given.

Wonder what will happen next.

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