Monday, July 30, 2012

Still out

Today, Hardcore Gaming Inc. addressed the rumor that the Misfit Demons was listed in the Frankfort Invitational draft:

HGI: We will confirm that the Misfit Demons are listed as drafting 9th in the Frankfort Invitational draft. However, that is a mistake. Apparently the ownership of the league along with other owners in other leagues did not believe our statement made last December that 2011 was the last year of the Misfit Demons franchise after 15 years of mostly successful operation.

(Steve) Bartman Memorial Stadium was leveled and coach Richard (Dick) Hertz was vaporized in what after an investigation was determined to be an accidental nuclear explosion. Even if there was even any consideration of fielding a team this season, we would have to start from scratch with a new stadium and coach.

HGI will only spend the 2012 season only working with other teams as a paid adviser. Details on the availability will be available soon.

Any questions?

Reporter: Is it going to be difficult to miss the season?

HGI: No. In spite of the Demons having their best performance in their 15 year existence, 2011 was a very difficult season for the ownership. Of the 16 Sundays last year, there were only 6 that did not involve leaving the home base sometime during the afternoon or even not being there at all which made following things difficult . Also the expansion of Thursday evening football has also made winning in fantasy football require even more time involvement.

R: Isn't there money to be made?

HGI: Yes, the Demons were profitable the last three years which involved three division titles and one league title. However when considering the time involvement, the money made per hour was the same as those who make Nike shoes in Asia.

R: Couldn't HGI just participate for fun and not make the time involvement? I know of one league where I won a title by doing nothing.

HGI: Congrats on your title. There is no way HGI would even consider not producing its best effort. In 2006, feeling guilty after winning division titles the previous two years, we purposely decided to tank the season. Half way through, that decision became regrettable. After collusion the following year prevented the team from making the playoffs though it was by far the highest scoring team in the league, HGI decided to take out its anger towards the league by dominating it.

Being violently ill during the 2008 draft put the team in a 0-5 hole. Since then the team has won 39 out of 51 regular season weeks even though over the past 5 seasons the Demons opponents have scored 278 more points (almost 4 per game) against the Demons than against other teams in the league.

R; Are you sure that the other teams in the league want the Demons to participate so they can experience the challenge of going against your yearly superior squads?

HGI: Doubtful. We believe the other teams have better scores vs the Demons because they know HGI will get on the case of those who do not put the effort into their squad. We are aware that if all the teams were as talented as the Demons, victory would be far more difficult but at least winning would be meaningful and not what it has been. The anger towards the league that drove the franchise over the past four seasons stopped making winning enjoyable early last season.

R; Couldn't the Demons find another league or create one?

HGI: At this time, we know of no leagues that would be worth our time or energy. The private ones we know are filled with teams and formats that are not to HGI's liking. Create or joining a public one with teams we do not know is dangerous since it could be filled with teams that could quit or collude especially if there was significant money involved.

Thank you for your time. No further questions.

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