Saturday, June 30, 2012

naked to clock

Noticing a coworker was regularly arriving 15 minutes or more before their start time, I commented that 15 minutes before I want to punch in work, I am naked. Upon repeating that I have gotten the strange looks I occasionally get when I try to say something clever or insightful.

Of course having a 2.7 mile commute allows that to happen and over the years have developed a morning routine. Ideally, this is how it goes:

30 minutes (before I want to punch in): Out of bed, head to bathroom, turn on water in shower and use toilet.

28 minutes: Enter shower

20 minutes: Exit shower, flush toilet, brush teeth, shave.

15 minutes: Head downstairs, get dressed (clothes are ready from night before)

11 minutes: Pack food to take, get phone.

9 minutes: Exit house, get in car.

2 minutes: Park car at work.

Of course things don't always work like last Friday when I fell asleep on the couch, woke a couple hours later, went to bed shortly after 1AM, crawled into bed without noticing that I knocked the plug to my alarm clock loose causing it to reset so when I woke, I thought it was just after 4AM when it was 6.

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