Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Style over substance

This week, the Marscon 2012 musical lineup was announced. I have noticed there are acts whose ideal and concept are greater than their performance (or how I would imagine it) but first my letter grade ratings and preference of artists of how I would want to see them at Marscon 2012.


Seamonkey - It has been over 3 years since I saw him perform and I was very happy to hear he will be there. Having the late night Friday spot is ideal for him as his material is for mature audiences only.

Devo Spice - His act is a perfect combination of intelligent lyrics, sound music and complimentary video and I know he has changed his setup to prevent it from getting damaged like last year. No one I know has traveled more miles to Marscon without being a guest of honor. Hopefully that will soon change since he is as deserving as Worm Quartet was in 2011.


Worm Quartet - Last year's GOH put on a show worthy of that title and I know it will be awesome in 2012.

Possible Oscar - Though they have done shows without the full band, it is different in their home MSP area. Hopefully Nathan will be there but it will be great even if he doesn't go.

Circue Du So What? - Sketch comedy quartet will no doubt be performing material from their CD which will be released at Marscon 2012 along with the sketch (and song) which will be repeated many times by fans as they travel up and down within the hotel.


The Great Luke Ski - Why a B? First of all, I get to see him perform multiple times a year so the Marscon show is not as special to me as others (especially the Gencon non masquerade show). Since he runs the event from the music point of view, participates in the opening ceremonies sketch and Dementia Wrestling Smackdown along with many other things, it can take away from his ability to do his best show. Having his concert on Sunday could also be an issue since Marscon weekend can put a strain on people and their voices.

Power Salad - Always produces a good performance. Glad he is returning to the stage after being unable to go in 2011.

Dino Mike - Was a pleasent surprise when I saw his act a few years ago.


The Gothsicles - Their first Marscon performance was amazing and I cannot imagine a Marscon without hearing the Konami Code played. However, for me, except last year when I was experiencing the drunk adrenaline filled feeling of invincibility, the song does not produce the same reaction as it did in the past. It will be the first time seeing the group without DJ EYG.

Now those whose style seem to overshadow their performance:


TV's Kyle - He is a very funny and talented person and I am glad he will be returning to Marscon as he fits in very well in support of other acts. However, when he was the main one on stage last year, his inexperience showed. No doubt, he will be more comfortable in 2012.

The Consortium of Genius - The 2012 music guest of honor also known as the COG (COG!) was an act I wanted to see since I first saw them advertised in Luke's DVD. The idea of a group of evil geniuses as a musical act was something I wanted to see and was filled with anticipation when I saw them take the stage at Dragon*Con in 2006. Twenty minutes later, I walked away confused wondering if I was the only one who found them bad.

The following day while manning Luke's table, I had a chance to speak with the person who plays the part of their leader Milo T. Pinkerton III and he stated that he felt bad about how they stunk it up on stage since Hurricane Katrina prevented them from getting the rehearsal they were hoping to get.

With that knowledge and after hearing the songs they have released on the FuMP, I am going to give them a fresh chance to impress. I enjoy hearing from them via Facebook, You Tube, and on the Funny Music Podcast and am hoping they live up to the GOH status.


the Boobles - First of all, I really like the idea of the Boobles. Parodies of the greatest rock and roll band in history (the Beatles), songs about breasts (duh), and appreciate the idea of their profits going for breast cancer research. Their website also takes the idea to the next level with pictures, logos, and even their CD called the Pink album. Thay have raised close to $3,000 since their project started.

Why the unfavorable rating? When I got my CD, I played the first song and heard a Beatles parody about boobs. Then I heard another Beatles parody about boobs, then another... I am not sure how that will transfer to a 30 minute show and if it will go over well on a Saturday afternoon with a potential all-ages audience.

I do admit that I am not a fan of the early Beatles and that most of the Boobles songs are parodies of early Beatles work which for me can get real repeatative.

If someone who was interested in purchasing 5 CDs from table 27 (the Marscon music performer table) at Marscon and was asking me what to get, I would definitely recommend getting the Pink album among them.

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