Thursday, June 3, 2010

out of time

Over Memorial Day weekend I was finally able to state I have seen every Dr. Who episode made from the first four seasons since the show was revived in 2005.

What took so long was my inability or desire to torrent the show as many I know have done. The fact people were able to see the show weeks if not months before it aired on tv made me not interested. I desiced to wait and see an edited version on my 37 in flat panel tv than on my 10 in circa 1998 computer monitor. I have only recently been told that through my XBox I could watch a torrent on my regular tv.

What also made it difficult was not having the ability to record from my tv until a couple of years ago so if I was not home when it aired on BBC TV, I missed it. By seeing episodes out of order I missed out of enjoying the story arcs that were created during each season as many times the clues to future events are given.

Anyway, this is how I saw them (including the specials):

Thanks go out to Mr Tuesday and i got nothing for allowing me to see the episodes on DVD.

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Igotnothing said...

Madman, my pleasure. If you need any others let me know. I also have a fairly extensive collection of the first two ORIGINAL Doctors. It's a different feel but they grow on you after awhile.

I know what you mean about the missing the episodes. I asked someone who was rather unreliable to recorde them for me when SciFi (that was it's name then) and BBC America started showing the new series. Of course as I said...unreliable, so I ended up buying the first four seasons of the new shows. Was a bit pricey but I REALLY enjoyed the shows and have gladly lent them to about 4 people now. So I think looking at it that way, I got my monies worth.

New season is going well. Lets hope they keep it going as long as the original series.