Thursday, April 29, 2010

con travel

I apologize for no post last week. After spraining my ankle stepping on the cat and with being busy and tired from work, I was not up to making a chart.

This weekend I will be driving to Troy, MI for Penguicon 2010. The con was created for open source programming (Linux) but to me it has become a great place to hang out with friends, to listen to music, to collect ribbons and to drink to the point where at 2:30 AM you are playing Guitar Hero against a person dressed as a Roman soldier as both of you are bellowing the lyrics to Free Bird. This year the music chairperson has over 15 hours of scheduled music planned and it should be a fun weekend.

I started to wonder how many times since I went to Marscon 2004 have I left the Chicago area for a convention and figured out this will be the 42nd time. The breakdown by state is as follows:

I did count Merillville, IN as outside the Chicago area since it took me 2 hours to get there on a Friday afternoon and the three Illinois ones in the chart are for one in Rockford and two near St. Louis. (the Chicago area con chart will be another post)

My attendence at those cons ranged from showing up to just to watch and help Luke Ski do a show to getting there on Thursday, staying four nights in a hotel and leaving Monday.

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