Saturday, February 14, 2009

Video gaming

This chart was composed from what I currently own plus looking at a couple of web sites which showed titles and my memory. Though I have rented other games, I decided to not include them unless I beat the game or rented it more than once.

Sports simulation - games that are designed to play like the sport (Madden football collection)

FPS - First person shooters, where you play a character and your view is designed to be from your character's eyes. (Doom, James Bond games)

TPS - Third person shooters, where you view the character that you play. (Grand Theft Auto, Twisted Metal)

Embellished sports games - A sports game where players have unusual abilities (NBA jam or my favorite Mutant League Football)

Racing games - Driving game where the goal is to win a race (Need For Speed, Rush, NASCAR games; even though NASCAR is a sport, I decided to include those games with other driving games)

Driving games - Driving game where the goal is not winning a race. (Crazy Taxi)

Cart game - Driving race game where characters pick up weapons to use either to help their vehicle or hurt others (Mario Cart)

Emulators - Games which contain collections of either classic arcade games (Midway, Namco) or classic console games (Atart 2600)

Music - Where players either dance or play an instrument shaped controller to music (Guitar Hero, Rock Band)

RPG - Role playing game - Where you control a group of people in a quest by telling them who and how to attack, heal or cast their spells. (Final Fantasy)

Misc - Games that I only had one from a category (Worms)

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