Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cartoon time

At work during the week, I went to someone's desk and was surprised to see my blog on the computer. When asking, the person did not understand the origin of the cartoon image on my profile. Thinking about it, I decided to post and explain the ones of me and my family:

This is one of my wife and I through a program that makes the person into a South Park Character. Yes, I look like the over caffeinated Tweek wearing glasses and Kenny's football jersey.

These and the rest of them are drawn by the great Luke Ski. After he drew a bunch of them for my best friend Carrie Dahlby, I said there was no way he could make me look good in that form. He showed me how talented he is. These are drawing of me as a member of CTU (from the tv show 24) and Arthur Dent (from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) followed by me under Scrabble letters and one describing my internet radio show.

These are both renditions of the van I drive to the Marscon sci-fi convention held in Bloomington, MN the first week of March. The second one has been made into a t shirt after Blasted Bill Putt colorized a black and white drawing Luke Ski made.

At Marscon 2008, I was looking at the merchandise table stating I have all these CDs when I saw this new one by the great Luke Ski. Luke said he wished he could have seen my face when I saw this cover. I was laughing so hard after seeing it I could barely stand.

The first part is on the back cover of the CD and for some reason the one of me storming away is the one people at my work state looks the most realistic. Below that is a drawing of the Mall Santa song performed with Carrie Dahlby and my wife and daughter and a poster made for the song Sleep Walking Zombies which my daughter did with her.

Luke Ski works at the Key Lime Cove indoor waterpark near Great America doing caricatures on many weekends. He also works freelance. His site is

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