Saturday, March 12, 2016

Marscon 2016 by the numbers

Hours gone: 107
Total miles driven: 824
Total people driven: 9
Straight years taking pic flipping off giant Pepsi sign in Mall of America South food court: 6
People on log rides who waved back to my daughter who did not want to go on any rides without a friend: 5
People in MN I either drove to get food or picked up food: 13
Total foot long sandwiches: 3
Total breakfast buffets: 2
Total vanilla milk shakes: 3
Pounds gained from Tue before to Thu after: 4

Main stage artists: 10
Those who came after finding out they were a Logan Award finalist: 2
Other artists who participated in track: 5
Males in wrestling: 10
Females is wrestling (including winner): 6
Stage personas in wrestling: 2
Cartoon characters in wrestling: 2

Syllables in 45 second part in Schäeffer the Darklord song Sex Rhymes: 285
Logan Award winners who were there to accept: 0
Logan Award winning entries out of the 12 over the past four years that I felt was the best of the five finalists: 1

Times I heard Power Salad song Leia (and other Star Wars related parodies) over the weekend as a video for it was being shot: 7
Number of burlesque performers: 4
Number of male burlesque performers: 1
Number of Magicswords made for the character costumes Luke had created for him and Carrie: 6
Minutes wondering why a person was pointing a video camera towards me before Luke's show until I realized it was pointing toward the person behind me (TV's Kyle): 15
Pizza Hut delivery drivers seen in fifteen minutes on Sat after one failed to find the hotel last year: 2

New people at table 27 (music merch table): 4
Total CDs purchased: 5
Other non food items purchased: 1
Time daughter left party floor on Sat: 2AM
Time I got back to room on Sat: 3:45AM
People in our section at Kahn's on Sunday: 34
Those who had a Marscon badge on Sunday: 30
People who played boob tree using color markers after I was the even man out: 9
People in hot tub when it closed at Midnight Sun: 7

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