Sunday, November 1, 2015

Moving clocks

Today, November 1st, people in most of the US move their clocks back an hour and similar to the second Saturday in March when people move them forward an hour, there will be people complaining and wondering why this is done. At least the places whose signboards are still programmed to change the clocks based on when it was done before 2007 will again be correct after being wrong for a couple of weeks.

I know there is a sign in Jimmy John's which states no one can explain why it is done so I will give it a shot:

The left column would happen if the cities don't spring forward and the right if we did not fall back. These places were chosen since most of those who read this live near one of those cities.

This is when sunrise would occur in these places if there was not a time change.  Without changing the clocks the sun would rise well before most people wake up in late June and well after most people leave the house in late December.

To me, the inconvenience created by moving clocks is far better than what would happen at the solstices I'd we didn't.

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