Thursday, February 13, 2014

T - minus 3 weeks

Once again it is mid February and soon it will be time to head to Minnesota for Marscon and its Dementia track. As I do every year, here is my personal assessment of the main stage performers hopefully in chronological order:

Possible Oscar A-   This is the one artist which will benefit the most by the convention moving to the Doubletree Hotel. They play best loud and the room that hosted the music at Marscon over the past 7 years had a low ceiling which made it overwhelming at times.

Power Salad A-   Always enjoy his music and hanging out with Chris off stage at the con.

TV's Kyle A-   Another person who I enjoy his presence off stage as much as on stage who was my daughter's favorite American based performer last year.

Insane Ian A-   Last year in my best of 2013 show, I featured four of his songs. Sometimes there seems to be something missing when his music is performed live.

Worm Quartet A   It doesn't matter that I have usually heard everything he performs before. It is still that enjoyable to watch.

Carrie Dahlby B   Returning to the main stage after a while. She has definitely made other acts better over the years with her awesome voice.

Devo Spice A   I was somewhat skeptical about his new CD all about Dr. Who thinking 12 songs about one topic would be monotonous. I was pleased by how each song seemed fresh and the total depth of the songs in the CD about the 50 years of the show.

the great Luke Ski A   A while ago, I suggested it would be understandable if he gave up his main stage slot to work on running the con since it was showing in his performance. However, he has retooled his act to make it easier for him and more enjoyable for the audience.

Meep Morp featuring Dr. Demento A+   I can't wait to see Dr. Demento since it has been 10 years. I want to thank him for playing the songs in which I was involved.

Henry Phillips A-     I only know a few of his songs and can't wait to hear his full act.

DJ Particle C+   I am not that familiar with the music she has done over the past 4 or 5 years.

Beth Kinderman (and the Player Characters) B-    On a Saturday night at Windycon (held in the Chicago area in November), I really enjoy her work. I support her party room and occasionally stop by to see some of the acts that perform and she is an awesome person.

Mikey Mason A-     Saw him last year at Marscon and Gencon and have enjoyed his submissions to the FuMP and his CDs.

FuMP Jukebox B-    As I have said in past years, this is a great format for those who are not as experienced or accomplished as others.

Dementia Smackdown B     The last gasp of the musical magic that is Marscon. To be honest, I am usually worn out by this time and don't want it to end but I know it must.

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