Sunday, February 10, 2013

T-19 days

While listening to the most recent episode of Luke and Carrie's Bad Rapport, it was announced that with the Logan Awards being presented at Marscon, there might be additions to the Marscon music lineup because artists that made the top 5 in voting for their category that were not already in the lineup might decide to make the trip. Since it would not be possible for the dementia track to get more mainstage time, the Dementia Smackdown would be canceled to make room for acts and though it would be sad to see it replaced, I understand. While the shedule was being arranged, I suggested leaving an open time slot in case a nominated artist wanted to attend but the convention wanted something more than artist TBA.

Looking at the list at, it is safe to determine that Eric Schwartz (the bald man with the glasses in the goDaddy ommercials), Garfunkel and Oates, Paul and Storm, and especially Tenacious D would not make the trip and that the other artists behind the videos would not be able to perform. As far as the others, here is how I would rate them being at Marscon 2013:

Devo Spice: (original song In the 80s; parody song Devo, are you ShoEboX?) A+ When hearing that due to a committment made the previous weekend he was not going to attend Marscon, I was very disappointed. Like others who I have not seen in a while, I miss seeing his show and I know my daughter who was too tired to see him at Marscon 2010 would really enjoy it.

Kobi LaCroix: (parody song the Peddler - a Half Assed Translation) A- For the past couple of years, I was hoping he would be able to make the trip. The only reason the grade is not higher is that I am not sure how often he has performed live.

Smashy Claw: (parody song Carol of the Meh) B- The artist behind the act has performed before at Marscon and though his talents will embellish other acts there, his work is not at the level of more accomplished and experienced performers there.

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