Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Family circus roadie style

Last weekend marked the 10th straight year I attended Gencon Indy. I originally went to help the great Luke Ski at his merch table but now after discovering board games now go to play games on Thursday and Friday and then help Luke on Saturday when he performs while the judges in the masquerade determine the winners as he has done since 1997.

This year he has more than merchandise and his display. Earlier this year, he had a successful Kickstarter campaign to get a full audio and video system for his show. After the dealer room closed at 6PM on Thursday, we needed to move his audio system from the penthouse suite he was upgraded to in the Canterbury Hotel to the Crowne Plaza Hotel one and a half blocks away for the shows which began on Thursday evening.

Normally, this would take 10 minutes at the most to take the tiny elevator with the equipment down 11 floors to the lobby and a short walk to the hotel on the fancy bricked sidewalks which in the past has caused a small wheel to break and items to fall off a small hand cart and the following day caused musician Tom Smith while riding his mobility cart loaded with his merch while driving with one hand on the wheel and the other holding his guitar to fall.

 However, for the fourth straight year on either my Gencon arrival or departure date there was heavy rain that evening and taking the electronic equipment outside was not advisable. However, the layout of the Indianapolis Convention Center and surrounding hotels allowed us to get from one hotel to the other without going outside even though the trip took almost three times as long.

Fortunately, the weather the rest of the weekend was fine and the orange path was used the rest of the time. P.S. Tom Smith was shaken but ok and on Friday and Saturday, I carried his guitar to the hotel so he could have both hands on the wheel of his cart.

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Thomas E. Reed said...

I haven't been to major cons for a while. I won't go to Dragon*Con until next year, assuming all goes well with my job. But I know how treacherous it is for Luke to take everything in one immense trip.

I think on the Dementia chat room you asked, how did they get the music into other hotels? They probably have an arrangement among the hotels like they do at Dragon*Con.

Ken, I'm honestly glad you got a chance to play some stuff for a change, instead of starving and going nuts behind Luke's merch table. You deserve a vacation to enjoy, especially now.

Me, I'm only a casual gamer, playing the Pathfinder game with some old Orlando friends when everyone is in town on Friday and I'm free. But I'm glad you can immerse yourself in gaming, or at least dip your big toe into it.