Saturday, May 5, 2012

United Center cosplay

Last month, my sister purchased 2 tickets to the Blackhawks first round playoff game against Phoenix hoping that the game would be played on the Sunday. Since it was played on Tuesday, starting at 8PM her husband could not make it and she asked me to go. Having never been to a professional playoff game, I jumped at the opportunity. We got there about 6:45 and had time to kill. So with the help of my sister we tried to track the wide variety of jerseys the majority of the fans there wore. I did this from 6:45 to 7:30 and also counted those easily seen from the section where I was sitting. I decided to not bother counting those of the 5 all stars (Toews, Kane, Hossa, Sharp, and Keith) since there are too many and also decided to not count jerseys custom made for an unknown person. (If I made a jersey with the number 13 and the name Madman) I broke it down two ways and here are the charts describing the 140 jerseys:
To my surprise I only saw one jersey that was not Blackhawks related and that was of the Charleston Chiefs from the movie Slap Shot. The N/A are 6 with the number 00 and name Griswald.

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