Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going for the gold/getting off 69 with a hot woman

When I transferred my XBox information to my new system, I lost all my in game stats from Rock Band and as far as the game was concerned, I had to start everything all over even though my achievements remained believing that I would have to go through the tedius task of searching every song to see what I have done on them.

Recently a Rock Band app appeared on Facebook and it allows three things. I can use points they allow to request a certain according playing artist to be added to the game. I can search by title or artist for songs that are available to purchase which became useful at a party where I brought my system. It also shows my high score per song and per instrument.

What surprised me looking at that feature is that other than the 20+ minute Rush 2112 medley, the highest score I had in any song was on vocals for Snoop Dogg's Drop it Like It's Hot.

It also states how many songs in the game I got 5 gold stars which is earned playing expert and scoring 1 1/2 times the 5 star requirement. In Rock Band 3, I can earn 5 gold stars for my instrument even if other players are not playing expert.

It showed I had 70 songs. However, one of them was on harmonies which I know was done by someone else so that makes 69. A couple of weeks ago an out of town friend paid a visit and though she was not feeling her best wanted to sing a few songs in the game. On one of them while on bass, I did earn 5 gold stars getting me off 69 gold starred songs. Here is a chart by instrument:

Personally, I hoped you would not think I would actually post an entry in a public blog about having oral sex.

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