Saturday, November 13, 2010

a new demographic

Though ages ending in zero are the most celebrated, the ones in five are considered important by society since it changes how people are defined. The former retirment age, AARP membership and categories of people for advertising purposes are based on ages ending in five.

Last month, I had my yearly meeting with my insurance agent who examined a couple of my policies and made some changes. I was also reminded my life insurance policy will renew and I will be reevaluated as far as risk since things change with people.

Knowing weight can put a person in a higher risk category like tobacco, diabetes, blood pressure medication or history, I asked about that chart and saw this:

For weight, there are three levels of increased premiums. I just listed the ones where the additional cost would occur.

Though my weight at that time 284 barely put me out of the range, now being 45 puts me over. Since then, I have gotten to just under 280 but I still have over 10 lb to go. I just need to sometime within the next 365 days lose the weight necessary to keep my premiums from more than doubling rather than going up about 25%.

The discount rate? Would be nice but by getting to that point, the base rate would go down but I would be placed in a higher category by losing more than 25 pounds in a year.


Rob.Balder said...

Start tracking your calories at Livestrong. ShoEboX's dramatic weight loss convinced me to go on it, and I am down 7 pounds in a little under a month. 30 pounds by MarsCon is the goal.

madman on the loose said...

I have been hounded about Weight Watchers and will try it officially though I understand their system of evaluating points.

When I was watching point values it got to the point where I would eat something and then look at the clock still hungry to figure out when I can eat again. Knowing how my hunger can effect my temperment, I was not willing to be hungry and stopped it after a couple of weeks.

I am happy that your weight loss has started well.