Thursday, January 7, 2010

All in a name

For the New Years Eve parties I attended, I brought my Rock Band for entertainment. To make things easier, I decided to put all the songs I have in the game on lists similar to what happens in karaoke. I first put them in song title order, then used that list to make another one in artist order.

What made the task more difficult that it sounds was using my daughter's computer which I now keep in the front room so she has a better wireless signal and so I can keep an eye on what she does. I would have to look at the tv and then turn to my left to enter the info.

I also discovered the artists in Rock Band are arranged by first name and the word "the" is overlooked in putting groups in Alpha order while trying to make the order of artists in the artist list match the one in the game. When doing it I noticed errors in the artist listing and fixed them:

The worst part was that I changed the artist listing but not the spelling before printing the copies. I found that out when someone asked about the band Leonard Skinnard.

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