Saturday, October 10, 2009

Family Circus style driving, part 6

Heading to my sister's house in Frankfort is easier than it used to be after the North-South tollway (now called the veterans tollway) was extended south to interstate 80. Before, I had to take the Tri State Tollway, exit at 95th and Harlem and drive 12 miles on the street. On average taking this route saves me 10 minutes which for me is well worth the extra $2 in round trip tolls.

Last month while driving there with my wife and daughter, my wife told me it was the first time she was in a car that correctly exited from interstate 355 to interstate 80 toward my sister's house. I asked her what she did wrong and she stated she took interstate 80 the wrong direction and only discovered her error when she saw the next exit three miles down the road.

Having done that earlier in the year myself at the 355/55 exit as I posted about in the summer, I can understand even if this exit is simple with traffic going left exits left and traffic going right exits right. However, she told me she did that three different times.

And she just told me she as I was putting this entry together that she would be ok driving home tonight from the Park West theatre (about 30 miles from my house) if necessary. Er, ... no.

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