Thursday, November 5, 2009

double cheeze burger, onion rings and a large orange drink

As requested by one of the readers, I am doing this week's entry based on the many problems and experiences I had getting food from restaurants and fast food places. To be honest, I used to be a far worse customer than I am now expecting the same quality I expect from the work I do from people who make their living flipping burgers. I have gotten to the point where I now realize that mistakes should be expected especially when ordering something that is not normal. As someone who eats food well cooked and without any liquids on them (with rare exceptions) having problems with ordering food becomes common so I try to order food that does not require special handling.

This chart basically describes the types of situations I have had:

To explain, held onions meant that they gave me everything but onions when onions was all I had wanted to get. The two WTF are for the one waitress who refused to get me the salad I ordered unless I put dressing, oil or a squeeze of lemon on it and for the Subway employee who put everything on my sub, told me I would like it that way and then after I asked him what was his problem offered to punch out of work and settle our differences behind the building.

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