Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Being less intense

To make things easier when I bring Rock Band to parties, I decided to create lists of all the songs I have in the game similar to what happens at karaoke so people do not have to scroll through over 300 of them to find the best song to play.

I created two pages in the file, one in order of song title and then by artist as they appear on the song list. The artist list was harder to arrange since the game arranges it by first name and does not consider the word "the" when it starts a band's name so I can't automatically set it by alphabetical order.

Checking my artist list with the game, I noticed some errors and fixed them:

On New Year's Eve I discovered that it was only fixed in the artist list and not in the song list as I was asked about the Leonard Skynyrd version of Gimme Three Steps.

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