Sunday, December 21, 2008

I admit, I am a wimp

Since they had a blood drive at my work, I have been donating to Lifesource pretty regularly for the past couple of years. Not knowing one person away from my work who donates (mostly because they can't) makes me feel obligated to donate. However donating over the past 18 months have become increasingly difficult as a combination of nerves, pain, and problems with me being heavy has turned the donating process from something that is no big deal to something I worry about days before it happens.

Why can I only donate on a Saturday? They do not want caffeine in the blood as it makes it more difficult. Therefore I am only able to donate early on Saturday or any other day I am not at work.

I have problems with needles. Twice I passed out from them. Once when hearing the fluid rush into my shoulder and once when I had to be with my daughter when she got a shot. (Why was I with her? You will nee next week.) When my best friend gives herself an injection for her diabetes, she warns me.

Why does it hurt? Not sure but it usually does. Knowing what ailments have caused what discomforts for me in the past, I probably have a low tolerance of pain. I am also wondering if the pain is caused by them not getting the needle in the proper place.

My size has made it difficult to find the correct place to put a needle in my arm. By the time they have their discussion and consultation about where to do it, I am ready to crawl under the table or take everything out and run out the door screaming. Though the idea of losing weight is simple, (less intake, more output) living with it is not.

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