Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bonus list

I was going to do his last Wednesday but basically forgot to do so

My top 13 who wore the number 13

13. Ken Riley, defensive back, Cincinnati Bengals. First person I ever saw wear that number in a ball game. Back when he played in the early 1970s, the concept of numbering players based on their position was not established.

12. Steve Nash, guard, Phoenix Suns. When googling to see if I missed anyone, his name appeared and belongs on the list.

11. Ralph Branca, pitcher, Brooklyn Dodgers. Gave up home run to Bobby Thompson to win 1951 National League pennant. (the Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant!) When he was the mystery guest on a sports trivia show I was watching in the 70s, I found out he changed his uniform number after that.

10. Dr. Remy Hadley, Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. When her character applied for an internship on the tv show House M.D., she wore the number 13. After getting hired, because of her guarded personal life, she is still referred most of the time as "number 13".

9. Tiznow, 2000 Breeders Cup Classic. Though other horses have won big races with the number 13, this one stands out since I won money on it.

8. Kurt Warner, quarterback, St. Louis Rams, Arizona Cardinals. Two time NFL MVP and Super Bowl XXXIV MVP. His very open religious beliefs prevent me from placing him higher on my list.

7. Alex Rodriguez, 3B-SS, Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees. Will probably finish his career with the most total home runs in the major leagues even though I do not believe he will ever be an active player on a championship ball club.

6. Wilt Chamberlain, center, Harlem Globetrotters, Philadelphia Warriors, Philadelphia 76ers, and Los Angeles Lakers. Dominated the game being that much larger and more talented than all but one center of his area. Holds scoring records that would be very unlikely to beat.

5. Kenny Mc Cormick, South Park Cows. Wore number 13 and got killed by opposing team in football episode from first season.

4. Dan Marino, quarterback, Miami Dolphins. Not a misprint. Hall of Fame QB who retired with most games, touchdowns, and yards. (since passed by Bret Farve) Was winning QB in "game #18" for 1972 Dolphins as they beat undefeated Bears in 1985 but never won a title.

3. Pipe Wrench Guy, Take on Me Video, A-Ha 1985. 'nuff said

2. Ozzie Guillen, ss, manager, Chicago White Sox. Brought long awaited title to well deserving fans before the team from the north side did.

1. Jake Scott, safety, Miami Dolphins. Holds team record for most career interceptions. Super Bowl VII MVP of 1972 season 17-0 team with two interceptions. After being traded from Dolphins late in his career, he does not participate in any team reunion.

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